Manicure & Pedicure Course - R3600

Duration: 2 Days from 9h00 – 14h00

Model required: Day 1 from 12h00 and day 2 from 9h00

Course description: A wonderful cosmetic treatment of the hands & feet involving cutting, shaping, and often painting of the nails, removal of the cuticles, exfoliating and softening of the skin. In this course you will learn how to identify Nail diseases & disorders, about the Anatomy of the hands & feet, how to perform a Manicure & Pedicure treatment, different massage techniques, how to do a client consultation and most importantly, Hygiene.

In this course you will learn the following:
  • Introduction and welcoming
  • Unpacking and checking of kit
  • General information
  • Anatomy of the hand
  • Health risks, issues and precautions
  • Sanitation, disinfecting and sterilizing
  • The work environment
  • Personal appearance and hygiene
  • Client record card
  • Terminology
  • Disease and deformities
  • Before commencing with manicure treatment
  • Basic manicure procedure
  • Manicure massage
  • Pedicure
  • Anatomy of the foot
  • Before commencing with pedicure treatment
  • Pedicure procedure
  • Pedicure massage
  • Add-on services
  • Extra hints and tips

Kit content:
Acetone 100ml, Anti-fungus hand wash 200ml, Base coat 10ml, Block buffer 4-way white, Block buffer 4-way yellow, Client record card (2), Corn cutter, Corn cutter blades, Cotton pads (80), Cuticle eliminator 10ml, Cuticle knife & hoofstick, Cuticle nipper, Cuticle nourishment oil 10ml, Diamond coat 10ml, Face mask (3), File 100/100 medium grit, File 100/180 medium/fine grit, File 100/180 tear drop medium/fine grit, Foam slippers (1 pair), Foot file, Gloves (1 pair), Hand and foot balm 500ml, Hand and foot mask 500ml, Hand and foot scrub 500ml, Hand and foot soak (powder) 500ml, Manicure bowl, Manicure brush , Massage cream 500ml, Massage oil 50ml, Menda pump, Miracle shiner large, Nail art sticker, Nail clipper large, Nail polish corrector pen, Nail polish french pink, Nail polish french white, Nail polish remover 100ml, Orange wood sticks (10), Spatula small (6), Sterilizer & spray 100ml, Toe separators (1 pair).

After completion of training, all learners are required to successfully complete Theory and Practical exams on the date given to them.