Acrylic Liquid Course - R5300

Course Duration: 4 days from 9h00 to 14h00

Models required: Day 3 & 4 from 9h00

Course Description: The course includes everything you will need to learn about acrylic nails. You will learn how to produce the perfect combination of acrylic liquid and powder and apply it to the different areas of the nail with a brush. By combining acrylic liquid and powder a strong flexible overlay can be produced. This versatile overlay can be applied to the natural nail or over a nail tip; it is so strong it can also be sculpted over a form.

In this course you will learn the following:
  • Introduction and welcoming
  • Unpacking and checking of kit
  • General information
  • Nail anatomy
  • Various implements
  • The work environment and station
  • Health risks, issues and precautions
  • Personal appearance, hygiene and etiquette issues
  • Sanitization, disinfecting and sterilizing
  • Diseases and deformities
  • Terminology
  • Client record card
  • Well areas
  • Basic manicure and nail preparation
  • Tip sizing and tailoring
  • Tip application
  • Tip blending
  • Tip shaping
  • Crystal liquid application
  • Nail art application
  • Nail maintenance
  • Product removal
  • Nail repair
  • Common problems
  • Care of products

Kit content:
Acetone 100ml, Anti-fungus hand wash 100ml, Block buffer 4-way pink (3), Block buffer 4-way white (1), Block buffer 4-way yellow (1), Client record card (2), Cotton pads (80), Crystal liquid 200ml aluminium bottle, Crystal pink 30g aluminium jar, Crystal white 30g aluminium jar, Cuticle knife & hoof stick, Cuticle nourishment oil 10ml, Dappen dish double plastic, Dappen dish glass without lid, Dappen dish plastic & lid, Diamond coat 10ml, Dropper plastic, Face masks (3), File 100/100 medium grit (4), File 100/180 medium/fine grit (3), File 120/240 zebra medium/fine grit (2), File 80/80 coarse grit (2), Finger cots (20), Glue 14g brush-on, Glue spare brush & cap, Kolinsky brush #4 deluxe, Manicure brush, Menda pump, Miracle shiner large, Nail art in jar (2), Nail art stickers (1 pkt), Nail clipper large, Nail disk empty square (20 nails), Nail forms horse shoe (50), Nail polish remover 100ml, Nail wipes non-woven (100), Orange wood sticks (10), Personal care box, Prime-it 10ml, Rubber practice finger, Sanding sponge XL medium grit, Single soaker half moon, Sterilizer & spray 100ml, Tip cutter, Tips french white in a box (400), Tips natural not cut out in a box (400).

After completion of training, all Learners are required to successfully complete Theory and Practical exams on the date given to them.