About Us

Professional Nail & Beauty Supplies and Professional Nail & Beauty Academy is the leading supplier of all nail, beauty and eyelash products & training courses to the South African market.

Professional Nail & Beauty Supplies is proud to be the market leader in the supply of all these innovative services. PNB Supplies carries this title proudly and now brings this international service offered directly to your business to ensure your professionalism and success.

PNB removes all agents / middlemen & replaces this with fully stocked branches and training academies.

PNB provides quality and innovative products at extremely competitive prices. PNB imports directly from internationally approved manufacturing plants and suppliers. Pricing and quality of all products is based on buying power & PNB is an international wholesale leader which guarantees excellent prices for all professional nail and beauty technicians.

Products are packaged for distribution nationally and internationally ensuring strict quality control standards and measures are maintained at all times.

PNB's expertize, enthusiasm, research, product development, product training experience and dedicated Professional Nail & Beauty Supplies branch owners/staff ensure quality and professionalism at all times!

Currently, 54 stocked retail branches / outlets and nail & beauty training academies are located all over South Africa.

All branches also supply to the public, so come in today and see our extensive range of quality products.